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Comprehensive Enterprise Sustainability Services
Leonardo Academy provides comprehensive enterprise sustainability services that help companies and organizations understand, quantify, manage and report their overall sustainability including all three legs of sustainability. People describe the three legs of sustainability in several ways; Leonardo Academy’s favorites are:

  • Environment, Social Equity, Economy
  • People, Planet, Profit
  • Triple Bottom Line
  • Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, Economic Prosperity

Sustainability Strategies
Leonardo Academy is dedicated to developing sustainability strategies for companies and organizations that engage the progress in environmental and social equity achievements in driving economic success.  This approach maximizes achievements in all three legs of the sustainability triangle.

Menu of Services
Leonardo Academy provides services that deliver an organized productive approach to sustainability.

  • Sustainability assessments/audits
  • Sustainability improvement strategies
  • Sustainability achievement tracking
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Annual Sustainability Reports

Sustainability FAQs

Q:  What is included in sustainability?

A:  Basically everything: What your company or organization does internally and all its impacts up and down the supply chain.

Q:  What types of environmental impacts are included in sustainability?

A:  Basically all impacts, including: air impacts (emissions of all types), land impacts and water impacts.

Q:  What are the key sources/causes of a company or organization’s environmental impacts?

A:  Buildings, travel, commuting, purchases & supply chain, delivery, use and final disposition of products, waste, etc.

Q:  Answering Walmart's Sustainability Questions?

A:  Leonardo Academy can help (Click Here)

Leonardo Academy helps companies and organizations evaluate and decide which sustainability reporting programs best fit their objectives and helps companies and organizations prepare reporting under the chosen reporting programs. An example of a reporting programs is:

  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Training on Sustainability Issues
Leonardo Academy provides both executive and staff training on sustainability issues.

For additional information contact Leonardo Academy at:

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