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Leonardo Academy offers specialized emissions services for single buildings through its Cleaner and Greener® Program, including helping buildings pursuing LEED-EB certification to earn a credit and helping any building to achieve Cleaner and Greener® Single Building Certification.

Reporting-level participation in the Cleaner and Greener® Program involves using our calculation workbook to determine your building’s annual emissions and emission reductions, and then reporting this information to Leonardo Academy.  For LEED-EB participants, this level of participation satisfies the requirements of the Energy and Atmosphere Emissions Reduction Reporting credit (credit 5.4 under v2.0, credit 6 under O&M).  Specifically, reporting-level participation entails:

  • Documenting the building’s emission reductions resulting from energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other actions
  • Reporting the energy use and emission reductions to Leonardo Academy’s Cleaner and Greener® Program
  • Retiring at least 10% of the emission reductions reported (optional; required for LEED-EB v2.0)
  • Asking the building’s suppliers to carry out each of these actions as well (optional; required for LEED-EB v2.0)

Certification-level participation involves taking the additional steps of providing energy use documentation and procuring offsets to achieve net zero building emissions.  It entails:

  • Completing the components of reporting-level participation
  • Providing records of building energy use and emission reductions (such as utility bills and renewable energy certificates)
  • Reducing and offsetting the building’s greenhouse gas and/or other emissions affecting health at 100%

Buildings that attain certification can proudly communicate their environmental achievements with a plaque to display in the building as well as by using the Cleaner and Greener® seal in marketing and other materials.  Both reporting-level and certification-level participants are recognized on the Cleaner and Greener® website.

For additional information, visit the Cleaner and Greener® Single Building webpage or contact the Cleaner and Greener® Program Manager:

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: 608-280-0255

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