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Contact: Emissions Services Manager

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Leonardo Academy provides comprehensive emissions services that help companies and organizations understand, quantify, manage and report their emissions.

  • Overall emissions strategies
    • Strategies for carbon and climate emissions
    • Strategies for emissions that affect health
  • Emissions footprints
  • Reduction strategies
  • Offset strategies
  • Offset procurements
  • Understanding the business, good citizenship and public relations opportunities associated with emissions projects
  • Emissions and reductions reporting

Comprehensive Coverage of All Types of Emissions
Leonardo Academy addresses all types of emissions because we all need to be able to breathe the air as well as stop climate change.  These include:

  • Emissions that affect climate: carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases
  • Emissions that affect health

Emissions Reporting Support
Leonardo Academy helps companies and organizations evaluate and decide which emissions and reduction reporting programs best fit their objectives and helps companies and organizations prepare reporting under the chosen reporting programs. Examples of reporting programs include:

  • Carbon Disclosure Project
  • EIA 1605(b)
  • EPA Climate Leaders
  • The Climate Registry
  • Cleaner and Greener®

Certification of Emission Reduction Achievements
Leonardo Academy certifies the emission reduction achievements of organizations, single buildings, and events through its Cleaner and Greener® Program.  After conducting an emissions inventory, participants attain Cleaner and Greener® certification by implementing actions to reduce emissions and/or obtaining offsets to achieve a net carbon impact of zero.  Visit the Cleaner and Greener® website for more information.

Training on Emissions Issues
Leonardo Academy provides both executive and staff training on emissions issues.

More information on Leonardo Academy’s emissions services is available on these pages:


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