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Implementing the Full LEED Cycle: Certification, Continuous Improvement and Recertification

LEED Project Overview:

Two Hundred State Street earned a LEED certification in 2013 and has a program in place for continuous improvement, performance tracking and recertification in 2018. Constructed in 1985, 200 State Street is a 352,323-square-foot office building located in Boston, Massachusetts. The building is owned by GLL Real Estate Partners. The property management team was energized to highlight the already "green" components and management practices of the facility. LEED for Existing Buildings provided a high profile metric for showcasing 200 State Street’s sustainable practices.  Three different tenant spaces had already achieved LEED for Commercial Interiors in 2007, 2008 and 2010.

200 state street LEED re-certification process case study

200 State Street and Enfinity Partners contracted with Leonardo Academy in September 2012 to assess the building, perform LEED implementation and to continue to move the project forward to achieve LEED-EB: O&M certification. Enfinity Partners provided energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor environment and commissioning services data for the building. The LEED-EB implementation effort began in April 2012. The project had a seven-month performance period that lasted from April 1, 2012 to November 30, 2012. The building was awarded LEED-EB: O&M v2009 Gold certification.

Participating in LEED-EB with the goal of achieving LEED-EB Gold certification has produced a number of benefits and interesting challenges: 

Key Project Information

Project Title: 200 State Street - Boston, MA
Building Type: Office Building
Building Size: 352,323 Square Feet
LEED Status: LEED for Existing Buildings O&M
Initial Certification: 2013 Gold v2009
2018 planned recertification

“Although we enjoyed a good start from our favorable sustainable site base and existing efficiency/conservation programs, actually obtaining certification required a tremendous amount of research, investigation, implementation, improvements and documentation, not to mention the commitment and support from our tenants. Leonardo Academy smoothed the path for getting this all done and earning gold certification for our building.”
Eleonora Karalune
Senior Property Manager

Results of Initial Certificate:

  • Seventy-nine percent of the building occupants are alternative means of transportation.
  • The building uses 42 percent less water than other typical buildings of this size.
  • Tracked, recorded and reported greenhouse gas emissions generated by the project building and associated grounds through Leonardo Academy’s Cleaner and Greener® program.
  • Implemented a green cleaning program in the building with contracted assistance from Simplex Janitorial with100 percent of the products used onsite rated Environmentally Preferable.
  • Due to an energy efficient operation, the building was also able to achieve an ENERGY STAR score of 73.
  • Held the first free e-waste event for building occupants to bring their unwanted electronics for recycling.
  • Hosted an educational recycling event held in the main building lobby, to promote recycling.

Challenges of Initial Certificate:

  • Due to sharing the trash bin with the adjacent building, 200 State Street had to work with the hauler to provide a separate bin in order to track how much trash and recycling was collected from the 200 State Street building.
  • Since the building was built in 1985, various building data details and equipment manuals were not available. Much research was necessary to reach a full understanding of the building equipment.
  • Recordkeeping for the tenant fit-outs was updated for the LEED process. Now all recordkeeping for the building is now organized through the Building Engines system.
  • Even the tenants are supportive of the LEED certification effort, additional time was necessary to receive documentation from all 14 tenants to comply with various credits such as durable good purchases and utility bills.

Continuous Improvement and Recertification Program

A program for continuous improvement, performance track, and LEED recertification in 2018 is in place. 200 State Street has contracted with Leonardo Academy to develop, implement and support this ongoing performance recertification program.

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