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LEED-EB Gold IMF HQ1LEED Project Overview:

LEED certification first became a goal of the International Monetary Fund in early 2008. The IMF hired Leonardo Academy to perform a gap analysis on both Headquarters buildings, and it was determined that both buildings were well-positioned to earn Gold certification. The Headquarters 1 building, constructed in three phases from 1973-1999, is an office building located in downtown Washington, DC. The 13-story, 1,700,000-square-foot building houses offices, a cafeteria, a data center, a fitness center, and a garage. With Leonardo Academy as the consultant, the LEED-EB implementation effort began in January 2009. The project had a three-month performance period that lasted from July 1, 2009 to September 30, 2009 for all credits.

Key Project Information

Project Title: International Monetary Fund Headquarters 1
Building Type: Office Building
Building Size: 1,700,000 Square Feet
Initial Implementation Cost (Hard and Soft): $27,000 - $442,950
LEED Status: LEED for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance — Gold 2011

Exemplary performance  innovation credit initiatives at HQ1 included 100% underground parking, 100%  recycling of durable goods, 100% occupant-controlled lighting, and 100%  sustainable purchasing of durable electronic goods..


  • Achieved a 27% reduction in conventional commuting trips to and from the building
  • Earned an Energy Star score of 82 due to energy efficient operation
  • Implemented energy efficiency measures resulting in an emissions reduction of 10,229 tons of CO2 equivalent per year (equal to removing approximately 1,860 cars from the road each year)
  • Put in place a comprehensive green cleaning program with 99% purchase of sustainable products
  • Reduction of fixture water use through the installation of flush valve diaphragms and aerators
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