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Leonardo Academy is managing the restoration of oak savanna and prairie habitat on Valley Ridge Preserve in the Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin.  Valley Ridge Preserve encompasses 145 acres of privately owned land containing hundreds of open grown oaks and two prairie remnants.  We have assisted the landowner in applying to conservation programs that provide funding and cost-share aid for restoration activities.  We assist the landowner with various restoration activities including clearing around the oak trees and prairie remnants, prescribed burning, forest timber stand improvement, and consultation and planning for future restoration activities.  Education and outreach materials are being prepared to help other landowners perform similar activities on their land. 

Photographs of the Project
Spiderwort in the oak savanna
Below, clockwise from top right:
Blood root growing in oak leaf litter, Open grown oak in one of the three savanna restoration units on the farm, Marsh marigold near a stream on Valley Ridge Farm, Harebell growing on a limestone outcrop


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