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Leonardo Academy's Green Building Program supports the development and implementation of metrics, tools and training for green buildings. Buildings cause a major portion of our environmental impacts so programs and metrics for reducing the environmental impacts of buildings is a key component of reducing our environmental impacts.

Program Activities

  • Support to USGBC for LEED program
    • Leonardo Academy provides ongoing support to the USGBC on LEED. This support includes:
      • Current Support:
        • LEED Certification reviews
        • LEED portfolio program development
        • LEED O&M v2009 accreditation exam calibration
      • Past Support:
        • Managed LEED-EB pilot for  USGBC
        • Wrote majority of initial reference guide for LEED-EB
        • Wrote majority of initial training for LEED-EB
        • Conducted all the LEED-EB certification reviews for January 2002-October 2007
        • Leonardo Academy President Michael Arny
          • Has been working on LEED-EB since the first meeting in 2000
          • Was the chair of the LEED-EB Committee from 2001-2005 guiding its work on developing LEED-EB
          • Was a member of the LEED Steering Committee form 2001-2005 and
          • Is known as the father of LEED-EB because of all this work
  • Training
    • Leonardo Academy provides a full range of LEED training courses:
      • In person
      • Webinars
      • On demand
    • For a listing of the courses see our Training Program
  • Leonardo Academy Tools and Resources
    • High Efficiency – Low Mercury Light Bulb Purchasing Plans
      • Online tool for:
        • Developing purchasing plans
        • Identifying  high efficiency - low mercury light bulbs for purchasing plans
    • Provides Native Vegetation Credits by the acre for LEED-EB v2.0, LEED-EB vO&M, LEED vO&M 2009 (To request additional information email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
    • What is native vegetation?
    • Leonardo Academy’s Cleaner and Greener® Program:
    • The Economics of LEED for Existing Buildings for Individual Buildings, 2008 Edition:
    • Green Performance Contracting:
      • Users' Guide to Green Performance Contracting
      • Model Procurement and Contracting Documents for Green Performance Contracting
      • Model State Enabling Legislation for Green Performance Contracting
      • Green Strategies for Public Benefit Funds and Utility Incentive Programs
    • Deliver the Green – A Fresh Look at LEED-EB and Facility Management

See the Leonardo Academy LEED Consulting services web page

For additional information contact Leonardo Academy at:

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Tel: 608-280-0255

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