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Sustainable Gaming Standard Committee Begins Third Review PDF Print E-mail
Press Release

Sustainable Gaming Standard Committee Begins Third Review 

Madison, WI – February 10, 2010 –The Standards Committee that is leading the development of a national standard for sustainable gaming has begun its third review of the Draft Standard for Sustainable Slot Machines.  

Over the last 9 months, the 11-member committee has been consistently revising the framework and sustainability metrics to evaluate environmental, social, and economic performance in the supply and demand chain for slot machines. Thoroughly debated issues have included energy use, emission and offset reductions, as well as the procurement, use and reuse of sustainable materials throughout the manufacturing process. 

“We are extremely proud of the work that has been put into the development of this standard,” said Eric Hansel, President of EGM Green and Committee Chair. “The perspectives represented on the committee characterize the many facets of the gaming industry and it is clear that some of the concepts being proposed will revolutionize how slot machines are designed in the future. Innovation and communication is critical in this industry and towards sustainability. As such, the standard will ensure that these areas are thoroughly covered”.   

Leonardo Academy, the neutral, third-party ANSI-accredited organization facilitating the development process for the sustainable gaming standard also announced that the committee leadership consisting of Hansel, Jonny BearCub Stiffarm, Business Development Manager at NativeEnergy and Nancy Mancilla-Georgescu, Chief Executive Officer of ISOS Group will release its second newsletter later this month. This regular newsletter addresses the issues faced by the standards committee as well as considerations for how the standard can be applied. 

Leonardo Academy is Seeking Donations to Support the Development of this Standard

Leonardo Academy is a charitable 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and it is seeking donations from businesses, foundations and individuals to support this standard development process. 

ANSI Project Information

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a private, non-profit organization 501 (c) (3) that administers and coordinates the U.S. voluntary standardization and conformity assessment system. Leonardo Academy is an ANSI accredited standards developer, and this project will be carried out in accordance with Leonardo Academy’s ANSI approved standard development process. This project was announced through the ANSI Project Initiation Notification System on October 14, 2008 and has the ANSI standard development number BSR/ LEO 8000-200x. 

About Leonardo Academy

Leonardo Academy is a charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing sustainability and environmental stewardship. Leonardo Academy develops innovative tools that leverage the competitive market so both buyers and sellers can drive increased sustainability and create sustainability opportunities that promote a thriving planet and transform the way we live. Leonardo Academy helps companies, organizations, families and individuals advance sustainability with overall sustainability assessments and strategies, LEED implementation and certifications for buildings and emissions inventories as well as reduction and offset strategies.

Leonardo Academy is developing several Leonardo Academy ANSI sustainability standards addressing sustainable gaming, emissions inventories, sustainable organizations, sustainable vehicles and sustainable events. Leonardo Academy is also providing ANSI process support for two standards being developed by Scientific Certification Systems: the Sustainable Agriculture standard and the lifecycle impacts declarations standard. Sign up to follow each of these standard development processes on the Leonardo Academy website at:  



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