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Earn LEED Points with Offsite Native Vegetation & Habitat Credits PDF Print E-mail

Offsite Native Vegetation Credits can add up to 2 points for both LEED v3 and v4 rating systems, New Construction (NC) and Existing Building (EB) projects, and applies to all US states and all countries around the world. These credits protect native vegetation outside of the LEED project boundary and help provide vital habitat for native species as well as support local biodiversity.

Native Vegetation Credit Support World-Wide

Leonardo Academy secures native vegetation credits for those seeking to earn LEED credit and support native vegetation and species habitat in the US or internationally.

The Valley Ridge Preserve

Valley Ridge Preserve is a 145-acre parcel located in Richland County, Wisconsin. We are restoring the preserve lands to native woodland, oak savanna, and prairie vegetation. The Valley Ridge Preserve is a research, demonstration, and education site for sustainable land management practices. Offsite Native Vegetation Credits can be purchased to directly support the Valley Ridge Preserve.

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