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Leonardo Academy 2009 Survey of the Costs and Benefits of LEED For Existing Buildings PDF Print E-mail
To Request a Copy of the Survey
Contact Barbara McCabe at   608-280-0255   or   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Purpose of the Survey
The purpose of this survey is to expand our understanding of the Costs and Benefits of LEED for Existing Buildings. Many buildings have achieved LEED-EB certification since Leonardo Academy's 2007 survey. Many buildings have a number of years experience with post certification operation. In addition, there are buildings certified under LEED-EB O&M. We now have the opportunity of expanding our understanding of the costs and benefits of LEED-EB.  
Note for Participants in 2007 Survey - Please Participate Again
Please update and expand your original responses as well as making any corrections you wish to data provided for the original survey. Your 2007 responses have been transferred to your copy of the 2009 survey
Who Is the Right Person to Repond to this Survey?
If you are not the appropriate person in your organization to fill out this survey, please forward the survey or information about the survey to the appropriate person.  If your building operating costs are in hand, we estimate the time to fill out the survey to be about 1 hour. 
Survey Parts
Tab 1Instructions
Tab 2Building Information
Tab 3Costs of Certification for Your Building 
Tab 4Building Operating Costs for Years Since Certification
Tab 5Rating of Each Prerequisite and Credit as Low/No Cost or Significant Cost from Perspective of Your Building
Survey Instructions
1. Read survey instructions in this Tab.
2. Please keep track of the time taken to fill out each Tab of the survey and record at the bottom of that Tab. 
3. Be sure to fill out Tab 2 with your building information.
 a. Information requested includes: year built, square feet of floor space, building type and LEED certification history.
4. Fill out Tab 3 with costs of certifying your building
 a. You will be asked to identify and give dollar costs for the processes and improvements involved in certifying your building. 
5. Fill out Tab 4 with building operating costs for each year since certification.
 a. You will be asked to give dollar costs for each aspect of building operation, as well as the annual use of fuels and water.
6. Fill out Tab 5 by rating of each prerequisite and credit as either low/no cost or significant cost from the perspective of your building. 
 a. Please rate the prerequisites and all the credits, even if you did not earn the credit.
b. Fill out Tab 5a or 5b
 1) Fill out Tab 5a if your building was certified under LEED-EB v2.0  
2) Fill out Tab 5b if your building was certified under LEED-EB O&M
7. Save the spreadsheet with the name of your building as the file name.
8. Email the completed survey to Barbara McCabe at Leonardo Academy ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
Results To Be Provided to Survey Participants
Survey Report  A digital copy of the report of survey results.
Building Operating Costs Report Aggregated Operating Costs for the LEED-EB Certified Building Group
Comparison with BOMA  averagesA comparison of your building operating costs with the BOMA average for your region.    
Buildings will not be identified by name in any report.
Direct Questions to
Barbara McCabetelephone: 608-280-0255       email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Thank you for your participation.

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