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sprinkler head imageThe Importance of Understanding the Environmental Impacts of Fire Suppression - Fire protection systems are absolutely necessary and vital to any well designed building or facility. However, all fire protection systems also have negative impacts on sustainability to a greater or lesser degree.  Information is needed to support choosing systems that provide great fire protection but have the least possible negative impact on the environment.

Currently the environmental impacts of fire suppression systems have not been fully studied and information on the total amounts of fire suppression agents installed in fire suppression systems is not available.  Consequently, the magnitude of the environmental impacts is unknown. As the use of fire protection systems expands, the amount of agents contained in them grows. The negative impacts of these sequestered agents may not be known until systems are removed from service many years in the future, by which time the magnitude of the impacts may be considerable.

fire suppression survey imageA Sustainability Assessment of the Fire Suppression Industry - Leonardo Academy is conducting a sustainability assessment of the fire suppression industry. This project is focused on the contribution of fire suppression systems to building emissions footprints and sustainability risk. It is also investigating the environmental impacts and risk of the fire suppression industry as a whole. Strategies for reducing environmental impacts and sustainability risk, and improving life-cycle management are being identified. The results of the project will be used to raise awareness and understanding of the sustainability impacts of fire suppression.

Draft Working Report: “Sustainability Assessment and Improvement Strategy Development for the Fire Suppression Industry: An Overview of Issues

Coalition for Responsible Fire Protection - Leonardo Academy President Michael Arny is the chair of the Coalition for Responsible Fire Protection committee that is developing the Contractors Guide to Responsible Fire Suppression. This guide will help fire suppression contractors track their environmental impact reduction programs to improve their performance and address inquiries from potential clients about their environmental performance. To learn more visit the CRFP website.

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Survey of Building Fire Suppression Sustainability

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