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Leonardo Academy's Mission:

Leonardo Academy is a charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing sustainability by leveraging tools and information to motivate the competitive market. By utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to sustainability education and implementation, we strive to make sustainability practical for everyone.

We develop integrative sustainability solutions designed to enhance the environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic prosperity of organizations, corporations and individuals. We envision a world filled with sustainable opportunities that can transform the way we live today and ensure the prosperity of future generations.

Leonardo Academy's Key Strategies for Achieving Our Mission

Leonardo Academy:

  • Works with organizations and corporations to evaluate their current environmental impacts and to develop sustainability best practices that are designed to enhance their environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic prosperity.
  • Guides families and individuals on how they can take action to improve the environment and champion sustainability.
  • Engages the competitive market so both buyers and sellers can drive environmental improvement and increased sustainability.

Describing Sustainability

The three legs of sustainability are described in various ways. Leonardo Academy's favorites are:

  • Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, Economic Prosperity
  • Environment, Equity, Economy
  • People, Planet, Profit
  • Triple Bottom Line

Leonardo Academy's Work on Advancing Sustainability

Leonardo Academy is working to advance sustainability on many fronts; our work is organized into the following Sustainability Program Areas:

For information on our sustainability consulting services see the Services web page.

For additional information on our Sustainability Program Areas, contact us at:

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tel: 608-280-0255

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