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To track the ongoing uptake of sustainability by companies and organizations, Leonardo Academy conducts an annual sustainability survey.  The results of these surveys provide you a window into the sustainability actions and plans of companies and organizations.  Corporate sustainability and organizational sustainability is our future – now you will know how quickly we are getting there.

Reports on Past Annual Sustainability Surveys

            Click here for the report on the results of the Sustainability Survey for 2007  

Please Help Us by Completing the Current Survey
Everyone can help by completing the current survey for their company. Do not be concerned about multiple people responding for any company or organization; where there are multiple responses we will average the results in our analysis.  Company and respondent names are not revealed in the survey results contained in the Leonardo Academy reports, which are released annually.
Click here to fill out the current survey: What did your company or organization’s sustainability actions and plans in 2009?

About Leonardo Academy

Leonardo Academy is a charitable (501c3) nonprofit organization founded in 1997 and committed to advancing sustainability. The mission of Leonardo Academy is to provide measures and recognition of efforts that put the competitive marketplace to work on improving the environment. To achieve this mission, Leonardo Academy creates and manages its own programs and supports the delivery of programs by other organizations. Current Leonardo Academy Projects

Leonardo Academy is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.


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