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Emissions Trial Standard Announced – Milliken Carbon Negative Status Certified PDF Print E-mail
Press Release

Chicago – November 6, 2007 – Leonardo Academy, respected for its work on sustainable buildings and climate change, announced the Draft American National Standard for Trial Use LEO-500-2001 to support clear communication about the factors included in climate emission inventories and offset statements. As a pilot program, Leonardo Academy worked with Milliken & Company to apply the standard to all of its U.S. operations to third-party certify its carbon negative status. This announcement was made during U.S. Green Building Council’s annual Greenbuild conference being held in Chicago November 6-9.

“Unambiguous communication on these issues is important because statements about emissions and offsets are frequently confusing,” said Michael Arny, founder and president of the Leonardo Academy. “We have been fortunate to have a company like Milliken that is committed to participating in our pilot program for this Draft American National Standard for Trial.”

Milliken & Company is a pilot participant in The Draft American National Standard for Trial Use LEO-500-2001 which covers Emissions Inventories, Offsets, and Reduction Credits. The international textile and chemical manufacturer has already applied this standard to all of its operation in the United States, quantifying its emissions from its direct energy use and from its electrical energy use, as well as quantifying the carbon sequestration delivered by its forests.

“As a company with a strong engineering culture, we appreciate the opportunity to assess our progress against a standard. Looking to the future, Milliken is committed to applying this standard to all emissions of the entire company world wide,” said Russell Grizzle, president, Global Floor Covering Division of Milliken & Company.

A third party, Leonardo Academy has carried out the analysis and verified that according to the requirements of the draft standard. Under the Draft American National Standard for Trial Use LEO-500-2001 sections specified Milliken’s operation in the United States is producing more carbon sequestration credits each year than the amount of carbon contained in the carbon dioxide it is emitting each year.

“Over the next year Milliken plans to expand its emission analysis to cover its operations worldwide. Once completed, Milliken will work step by step through the emissions caused indirectly from its activities and its supply chain,” Arny explained.

To comply with the language of the draft standard an inventory of Milliken’s emissions has been completed that (1) Covers a Level 2 Scope of Emissions Sources, which means that the inventory includes the emission caused by Milliken’s direct energy use on its sites and the emissions caused by the electricity Milliken uses, and (2) Covers the Level 4 Category of Green House Gas Emissions, which means that Carbon Dioxide and the other 5 major green house gases have been addressed. Finally, a quantification of the emission sequestered in Milliken’s forests has been completed that uses that the definition of additionality which specifies actions beyond what is required by law or regulation.

About Leonardo Academy
. Leonardo Academy is a charitable nonprofit dedicated to advancing sustainability and putting the competitive market to work on improving the environment.

About Milliken & Company. A commitment to ecountability supports sustainable policies that began more than a century ago with this international textile and chemical manufacturer. Milliken & Company champions sustainable principles and practices internally and in partnership with others around the world.


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