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Leonardo Academy Announces Grassroots Campaign to Offset the Emissions Caused by President Obama's Inauguration PDF Print E-mail
Press Release
Washington, D.C. January 19, 2009 - Today Leonardo Academy, a charitable non-profit, announced the “Let’s All Help President Obama Make the Inauguration Green!” grassroots campaign to offset the emissions caused by President Obama’s inauguration. Michael Arny,president of Leonardo Academy said, “The historic inauguration of President Barak Obama deserves to be accompanied by the unprecedented offsetting of all of the emissions this event causes. Leonardo Academy encourages everyone to join this grassroots campaign by visiting our World Green! social network web site ( to make a charitable contribution to support this campaign. We encourage anyone interested in sustainability join the World Green! community to share their green actions and to learn from the sustainability achievements of others. The world’s environmental issues cannot be solved by government actions alone; we all need to take action to help improve the environment and advance sustainability. As our popular buttons say, “Let’s All Help President Obama Make the World Green!”

Charitable donations made to help offset the emissions of President Obama’s inauguration will be used by Leonardo Academy to purchase Green-e certified emissions offsets ( Leonardo Academy has been offsetting event emissions, including the 2002 Winter Olympics held in Salt Lake City, UT and the U.S. Green Building Council’s annual Greenbuild Conference and Expo, since September 11, 2001.

Inauguration invitations sent out by the Presidential Inaugural Committee were printed on recycled paper. The Committee is also strongly encouraging inauguration attendees to carpool to the event or use public transportation, and to offset the emissions resulting from their travels to Washington. Leonardo Academy’s grassroots “Let’s All Help President Obama Make the Inauguration Green!” campaign will help achieve the goal of offsetting carbon emissions associated with travel to the event and will further cover the range of emissions resulting from all of the inauguration activities. Leonardo Academy will post the ongoing achievements of this campaign at World Green! an online forum for sharing ‘green’ information among companies, organizations, government entities, and individuals interested in sustainability (

Small contributions add up! If everyone in the country donated $20 to “Let’s All Help President Obama Make the Inauguration Green!” the campaign would raise $6 billion. Leonardo Academy needs your help to offset all of the emissions associated with the inauguration and to help support the development of ‘green’ information, tools, and outreach for the World Green! online community. To make a donation, or to join the World Green! online community, visit

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