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New Marketplace Subcommittee Formed to Address Implementation of the Draft LEO-4000 National Sustainable Agriculture Standard PDF Print E-mail
Press Release

(Madison, WI, September 25, 2012) – Leonardo Academy announced the formation of the new Marketplace Subcommittee that will address implementation and use of the Draft National Sustainable Agriculture Standard (LEO-4000). Leonardo Academy invited interested parties to sign up to participate in this subcommittee.  The National Sustainable Agriculture Standard is being developed to reduce market confusion about sustainability in agriculture by providing a uniform national standard that applies to a wide range of agricultural products.

The development of the National Sustainable Agriculture Standard is on track to be completed in the next 12 months. This progress is the result of the dedicated work of the many knowledgeable individuals who serve on the Standard Committee and subcommittees in the open, ANSI-accreditation process.

Leonardo Academy invites all stakeholders to participate in the new Marketplace Subcommittee and in the overall development of the Draft National Sustainable Agriculture Standard. There are many ways to participate in  this development process. Opportunities for participation include: participation on the subcommittees, applying to be on the Standard Committee, signing up to pilot test the standard and making a donation to support the development process.
You can learn more about this standard at the web site:

This standard is creating a national framework for advancing sustainability in agricultural. For producers, it will provide confirmation of sustainability practices already in place, guidance on how to further advance the sustainability of their operations, and metrics and verification for communicating sustainability achievements to customers. For manufacturers, distributors and retailers, it will provide a template to guide sustainability specifications for the agricultural products they purchase and distribute. For consumers, it will help to clarify the meaning of the term “sustainability” in agriculture and enable them to make informed choices about the products they buy. By engaging producers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and consumers, the standard will support improvement throughout this supply chain, driving success and economic, social and environmental sustainability in agriculture.


Opportunities to Participate in Developing the Sustainable Agriculture Standard

There are currently openings for the subcommittees and the voting Standard Committee. Leonardo Academy includes a broad range of interests in the standard development process. Participant categories include:  producers, users (like manufacturers and retailers), environmentalists, representatives of colleges, universities, representatives of government agencies and general interest. To receive an application for membership on a subcommittee, on the Standard Committee, or for observer status, contact Jennifer Trucks at Leonardo Academy: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,
(608) 280-0255, or visit

The Standard Committee
Standard Committee makes the decisions on the content of the standard.  

The Subcommittees
The subcommittees play the key role of developing and revising drafts of portions of the Standard for consideration by the Standard Committee.

Drafts of Standard Documents
The current working drafts of Standards documents are available on the Leonardo Academy web sites:  and  .

Public Comment Process
When the Standard Committee completes its review and revision process and approves the release of the draft standard for public comment, the public comment period will be announced in the American National Standards Institute publication, Standards Action.  After the public comment period is completed, the Standard Committee will review all comments and decide how to address each of the comments received. Once the Standard Committee has addressed all of the public comments, the draft standard will be submitted to ANSI for promulgation as an American National Standard.

The development of the Sustainable Agriculture Standard is funded through donations and grants. Please consider making a donation to support Leonardo Academy’s work on developing this standard. Your support will help advance the sustainability through the development of this standard which will provide a framework for improving the social, economic and environmental sustainability in U.S. agriculture.

To make a tax deductible donation to support the development process, go to


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