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Standards Committee Officers Selected to Guide Sustainable Gaming Standard PDF Print E-mail
Press Release

Madison, WI - April 29, 2009 -- The Standards Committee that is leading the development of a national standard for sustainable gaming continues to advance this week with the election of its leadership. Eric Hansel, President of EGM Green was elected to serve as Chairman of the Committee, while Jonny BearCub Stiffarm, Business Development Manager at NativeEnergy will serve as Vice-Chair. Nancy Mancilla, Chief Executive Officer of ISOS Group will serve as Secretary.

The Standards Committee Officers were elected by members of the Standards Committee and appointed by Leonardo Academy, the neutral, third-party ANSI-accredited organization facilitating the development process for the sustainable gaming standard.

"Leonardo Academy is extremely happy that such a diverse and experienced group of individuals has been elected to lead the development of this standard," said Michael Arny, President of Leonardo Academy. "This leadership reflects the range of viewpoints represented on the Committee and is very well versed with sustainability initiatives. We look forward to working with the Committee's leadership as it guides the discussion and consensus-building on the many issues that need to be addressed as the standard development process moves forward."

The Standards Committee has been working towards developing a wide-ranging framework and common set of sustainability metrics that evaluates environmental, social, and economic performance at all levels of the gaming industry. Key components that are being explored in the standard development process include energy use and emission reductions, as well as the procurement and use of more sustainable materials throughout the supply chain.

As Chairman of the Standards Committee, Hansel will guide the Committee in identifying which issues can be agreed upon at the outset and to help steer a path of consensus on the more difficult concerns raised by Committee members and stakeholders. Hansel will work with the Committee to identify and deliberate the issues that will be considered for inclusion in the sustainable gaming standard, as well as to direct tasks to Committee members and subcommittees to foster progress in areas of consideration.

The unique aspects of an open consensus process for developing a national standard is that it provides a forum for discussing and vetting differences in opinion over what sustainability will mean across all sectors of the gaming industry. While opinions will vary on a number of issues and the process may at times be long and complicated. Nancy Mancilla, Secretary of the Standards Committee best summarizes the process by stating, "Sustainability is not a point of destination, rather a journey."

Leonardo Academy is a charitable organization dedicated to advancing sustainability and environmental stewardship. We develop and distribute strategies, metrics, standards, and information. We provide education and help companies, organizations, families, and individuals increase sustainability. We strive to put the competitive market to work on improving the environment. We are a Think and Do Tank with an interdisciplinary approach that makes sustainability practical for everyone


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