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Leonardo Academy Announces 2009 Survey of the Costs and Benefits of LEED for Existing Buildings PDF Print E-mail
Press Release

Madison, April 1, 2009 – Leonardo Academy has announced the initiation of its 2009 Survey of the Costs and Benefits of LEED for Existing Buildings.  This survey is gathering ongoing operating cost data for LEED-EB certified buildings and LEED-EB implementation cost data for buildings that have not yet provided this information.

Leonardo Academy is updating its first survey that was carried out in 2007.  At the time of the 2007 survey, only 53 buildings were certified LEED-EB.  Since then, the number of certified buildings has grown more than threefold and the years of post-certification operation data available have grown.  In addition, there are buildings certified under LEED-EB O&M as well as under the earlier versions of LEED-EB.  We now have the opportunity to capture this additional data and expand our understanding of the costs and benefits associated with LEED-EB. 

Leonardo Academy invites participation in the survey by all owners and managers of LEED-EB certified buildings.  Those who participated in the 2007 survey are encouraged to provide ongoing building operating cost data for the years following certification.

Visit Leonardo Academy's web page for details and to request a copy of the survey.

Leonardo Academy requests that survey responses be submitted by May 30, 2009.  Please contact Barbara McCabe if you have any questions.  The 2008 Edition of the Economics of LEED for Existing Buildings report is available on the Leonardo Academy website at
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LEED for Existing Buildings - LEED-EB provides a framework for achieving green improvements in all existing commercial buildings.  Buildings certified under the LEED-NC program can also continually improve environmental performance by seeking LEED-EB re-certification.

LEONARDO ACADEMY—Leonardo Academy ( is a charitable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing sustainability. Leonardo Academy is a Think and Do Tank that develops new approaches, methods and metrics for sustainability and helps companies and organizations, buildings, events, families and individuals implement sustainability. Leonardo Academy provides sustainability assessments and strategies. Leonardo Academy develops emissions footprints and reduction and offset strategies. Leonardo Academy’s Cleaner and Greener® Program certifies emission reduction and offset achievement. Leonardo Academy supports implementation and certification under the LEED rating system. Leonardo Academy managed the LEED-EB pilot program for the USGBC from 2002-2004 and conducted all LEED-EB certification reviews for the USGBC from January 2002 through September 2006. Michael Arny, president of Leonardo Academy was the chair of the LEED-EB committee from 2001-2005.



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