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New Report Released: "The Energy Savings and Environmental Beneftis Delivered by Johnson Controls Energy Savings Performance Contracting Projects" A Cleaner and Greener Environment Program Report from Leonardo Academy, Inc. PDF Print E-mail
Press Release
MILWAUKEE – (JULY 31, 1998) – Johnson Controls, Inc. is cited in a report released by the Leonardo Academy of Madison, Wis., as a leading global provider of energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs), a funding mechanism to save billions of dollars in energy costs and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

The independent report finds that Johnson Controls, which is an energy service company (ESCO), delivers significant environmental and economic benefits through ESPCs.

"We’re pleased to be recognized by the Leonardo Academy for the energy savings technical expertise we’ve been providing our customers for more than 15 years through performance-based solutions," said Brian Stark, vice president and general manager of the Controls business at Johnson Controls. "It’s a contribution to the environment that we as well as our customers can be extremely proud."

In a recent radio broadcast to the nation, President Clinton also extolled the benefits of ESPCs, encouraging Cabinet agencies and federal government staffs to work more closely with energy service companies to "make federal buildings more energy efficient at little or no cost to taxpayers." To achieve this, the federal government must make more use of these highly cost-effective contracts, Clinton emphasized.

According to the academy’s calculations, projects implemented by Johnson Controls under these contracts between 1990 and 2010 will save $18 billion in energy savings and eliminate approximately 352 million tons of carbon dioxide. The environmental impact of this is equivalent to eliminating the pollution from four million gas-combustion motor vehicles or planting 29 million acres of trees, according to the academy’s report.

Johnson Controls was the first company cited by Leonardo Academy for making a major contribution worldwide to the reduction in electric energy use, demand for electricity, direct fuel use and ultimately environmental emissions. A FORTUNE 200 company, Johnson Controls is a global market leader for energy savings performance contracting, building automation controls and integrated facility management.

For a copy of the report, call Leonardo Academy in Madison at (608) 280-0255. For more information about ESPCs contact your local Johnson Controls sales office or call 1-800-727-6660. The Leonardo Academy is an environmental nonprofit organization supported by grants from foundations, contracts funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and tax-deductible contributions from individuals.

Johnson Controls, with headquarters in Milwaukee, Wis., is a global market leader in automotive systems and building controls. Through its Automotive Systems Group, it supplies seating systems, interior systems and batteries. Through its Controls Group, it serves the nonresidential buildings market with control systems and services, and integrated facility management. Founded in 1885, it operates from more than 500 locations around the world. Johnson Controls securities (ticker symbols: JCI) are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Visit Johnson Controls on the World Wide Web at


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