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Leonardo Academy Releases Report on Establishing a System for Reporting Reductions in Emissions of Multiple Pollutants PDF Print E-mail
Press Release
MADISON, WI – (January 21, 1999) – Leonardo Academy of Madison, Wisconsin has released a report on establishing a system for reporting reductions in emissions of multiple pollutants. The report describes the benefits of setting up a multiple pollutant emission reduction reporting system and how to set up such a system.

A multiple pollutant emission reduction reporting system provides a convenient method for reporting actions, such as increased energy efficiency, that reduce multiple pollutants. This is a significant advance over current regulatory practice, which usually creates a separate reporting system for each pollutant.

If state or federal environmental regulators implement this reporting system, it will make it easier for regulators to reward energy efficiency and renewable energy. It will also make it easier for anyone who implements energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to report emission reductions and acquire the economic value of these reductions. The multiple pollutant system will also lower the cost of reaching environmental objectives by increasing the available pool of reported emission reductions.

Implementing a multiple pollutant emission reduction reporting system will promote a robust trading market for emission reductions because many actions that reduce multiple pollutants, like increased energy efficiency and renewable energy, can easily be included in emission reduction programs.

"To create truly competitive emission reduction markets, environmental regulations need to allow all sources of emission reductions to participate," stated Michael Arny, executive director of Leonardo Academy. "In the past, only emission reduction actions by emitters have been included in environmental regulations, while emission reduction actions like energy efficiency have been left out."

There are many current and future applications for multiple pollutant reporting since the U.S. and the rest of the world face a series of tightening restrictions on environmental emissions. This tightening will continue into the future because it is driven by the ongoing growth in knowledge about the negative impacts of various pollutants.

Multiple pollutant emission reduction reporting can be implemented now. As emission limits on each pollutant are created or tightened, the economic value of emission reduction actions like energy efficiency will increase. For example, if multiple pollutant emission reduction reporting is implemented as part of an emissions trading system by any of the 22 states currently developing plans for reducing nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions, it will increase the market incentives for increased energy efficiency. These market incentives will increase as future emission regulations are applied to other pollutants like particulates, mercury, and greenhouse gases.

Implementation of a multiple pollutant approach will reduce the cost of achieving the immediate emission reduction goal and the cost of achieving subsequent emission reduction targets for other pollutants.

"Using a multiple pollutant approach to emission reduction reporting and crediting has legs because it is hard to argue with achieving pollution reduction goals at a lower cost," notes Arny.

The report was prepared by Leonardo Academy with input from an advisory committee that included: Johnson Controls, Boeing, S.C. Johnson Wax, Johnson & Johnson, Vulcan Chemicals, Quad Graphics, Wausau Mosinee Paper, 3M, and Lockheed-Martin. The committee also included US EPA, US DOE, Wisconsin DNR, Wisconsin Energy Bureau, Wisconsin Electric Power, Northern States Power, Alliant Energy, and Wisconsin Public Service. The advisory panel was asked to review and provide feedback on the reporting system as it was developed. The multiple pollutant report was developed under a contract with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources funded by the US EPA.


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