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Events (CDT)

Events  (CDT)

Leonardo  Academy has deep knowledge of both LEED and sustainability. Leonardo Academy  has been extensively involved in the development of LEED since we joined the  USGBC in 1999. Leonardo Academy has provided consulting services to the USGBC  since 2002, including managing the LEED for Existing Building (LEED-EB) Rating  System pilot program and conducting all LEED-EB certification application  reviews from 2002 to fall 2007. Leonardo Academy continues to provide  consulting services to the USGBC and to conduct LEED-EB certification reviews  as well as provide consulting services to building owners and managers on  implementing LEED and earning LEED certification for their buildings.

Requirements for course credit: Must be present or logged in for entire presentation. AIA – request for credit must be received by Leonardo Academy within 5 days after the presentation *Note: All webinars are scheduled for Central Time Zone (CDT)

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Currently no events are available

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