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By making a contribution to Leonardo Academy’s environmental and sustainability work, you are doing your part to help support environmental improvement and sustainability now and for future generations.

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Your donation will be applied to the areas of greatest need and opportunity in Leonardo Academy's work.

Donate to Support a Specific Program Area

Greening Our Children's Schools
Your donation directly supports the implementation of sustainable building practices and LEED certification for the building and grounds of K-12 schools.
Combat Climate Change
Your donation directly supports the reduction of all types of emissions, including greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to the climate and the range of emissions that are harmful to human health.


Increasing the Sustainability of our Agriculture System
Your donation directly supports education and outreach initiatives for the implementation of the American National Standard for Sustainable Agriculture (ANSI/LEO-4000). This comprehensive standard has the capacity to strengthen rural communities and empower those communities to positively impact the environment.


Sustainable Land Management on the Valley Ridge Preserve
Your donation directly supports the sustainable management of the Valley Ridge Preserve, a 145 acre parcel located in Richland County, WI. In addition to providing a host of Wisconsin-native ecosystem services, the preserve operates as a demonstration site for the education of sustainable land management practices.



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