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Director of Environmental Initiatives

John Rodgers oversees Leonardo Academy's Sustainable Transportation Program and facilitates sustainability standards for accreditation under the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). John managed the process to establish a national consensus standard for sustainable gaming, as well as a standard for emission inventories and provided support to the development of a standard for life-cycle impact declarations. John earned a BS in Biology from the University of Minnesota and MS in Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Environmental Risk Assessment from the University of Illinois. Additionally, John is both Lean and Six Sigma Certified. While working on his Masters degree, John was attached to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency’s Division of Nuclear Safety and has significant experience with the development and enforcement of State and Federal environmental regulations. Prior to joining Leonardo Academy in 2009, John worked with the American Lung Association in analyzing the indoor and outdoor air quality effects of biofuel emissions and radon exposure. John has directed federal and state environmental projects in excess of $50 million and continues to chair a number national and local advisory committees pertaining to emissions, air quality, sustainability and environmental health.


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